Week One Wrap-Up!

I have finished Week One of my first round of the 21 Day Fix! The work week went really well with only a few minor slip-ups and doing all the exercises. however I screwed it all up on the weekend, which is always my downfall! On Saturday, we were helping my cousin move, I lifted boxes and furniture, but didn’t get the Dirty thirty workout in and I had pizza for lunch. Sunday, instead of doing Yoga, I did the Dirty Thirty workout I should have done on Sunday, but then I went to my parents house for dinner and ate too many carbs then finished it off with two cupcakes. Woops!

Now I am contemplating whether I should just re-measure and start Week One over again, or keep going with weeks two and three. I haven’t seen much change on the scale (even before my blow-out weekend), but I am determined to do better this week. I am going to put the scale away completely and won’t weigh-in again until Day 22. Last week I was cheating a bit every day by having a cappuccino because I can’t live without my coffee, but I have found some alterative ways to still get my java without the dairy, so I will only be having cappuccino’s as treat swaps moving forward.

So week one didn’t go as well as I hoped, but my screw-ups from last week have made me more motivated to do better this week and next. And either way I know I am still doing better than I would be without the Fix altogether. I enjoy the workouts and don’t feel sore anymore!


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